Powerful Features

ListBuilder was designed to improve business efficiency

Built to help small and large businesses with their marketing processes, ListBuilder helps businesses bring their existing customers back for more without any additional work.

Set and Forget

Easily connect your POS or Ecommerce system to your Email Marketing program

Great Scalability

Have multiple POS or Ecommerce systems? Connect them all with only one ListBuilder account

Continuous Updates

Every new customer is synced from your POS or Ecommerce system to your Email Marketing program daily

Bigger List, More Sales

Increase your marketing reach each time you make a sale, bring your existing customers back for more

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A tool to help your business grow

ListBuilder improves your marketing without extra work. Download it today and notice how:

  • No cumbersome uploads and downloads
  • Automatically syncs contact
  • Increased marketing reach & visibility

Customers reported increased performance in the following business areas, on average:

Improved Productivity 70%
Goals Realization 90%
Accuracy Increase 80%

We are proud about the community we've created around Leon and we'll continue to invest significant resources in its development.

When you download Leon you also get access to our extensive knowledge base containing updated written articles and easy to follow video tutorials.


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